Ecology and environmental

protection in Kostrzyn




Segregation of litters



People in Kostrzyn try to segregate litters and keep the town in order. There are containers on the streets and in the parks.




The containers are marked with special colours:

ü    yellow     – plastic

ü    white       – white glass

ü    green       – colourful glass

ü    blue         – paper





Moreover, people also take care of the environment. There exist groups of people (including pupils from Gymnasium and Primary School in Kostrzyn), that once a week generally clean our town. If the containers are full, the groups empty them and transport the rubbish onto a landfill.




An urban waste steady



Glass, paper, cupboard and metal waste can easy process. We get back then raw materials included inside. Raw materials, which are high-quality product, can get back with waste, which are suitable segregated and selected.












Sewage treatment plant



There also operate a few sewage treatment companies in our town. In the suburbs of Kostrzyn is a pump of sewage, which is an element of plumbing. It is located in the outskirts and doesn’t threaten our environment.



The underground sewage treatment plant in Kostrzyn


Petrol station



Drivers also take care of ecology in Kostrzyn. We have two modern petrol stations in our town. Drivers may choose right petrol to their vehicles. The pumps offer different kinds of petrol.



Some kinds of petrol, which are accessible in Kostrzyn station:

*  lead-free petrol

*  gas

*  petroleum






Petrol station near the marketplace

Objaśnienie w chmurce: In the average family in one family produce per year 125 kg paper and cardboard, 64 kg glass, 55 kg plastic and 340 kg metals.